The pastors of Global Harvest Fellowship have a joint statement to release in response to the tragic events of recent weeks, namely, the death of George Floyd on Monday, May 25, and the nationwide protests which have followed. 

We understand that many in our country are angry, hurt, and grieving. We grieve too. We understand that incidents like the murder of George Floyd connect to a long history of unequal justice in our country, dating back to the evil Jim Crow laws and slavery. 

We do not condone the misuse of force, the inequity in the distribution of justice, and we call for these issues to be addressed and remedied. 

We do not trust that a statement by itself is sufficient, but we understand and have witnessed the cost and complicity of silence. We believe that not saying something would be saying something. We cannot and will not remain silent.

We are heartbroken by the recent and horrible killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. We lament the deaths of these Image Bearers and are heartbroken for those who have lost a loved one. Global Harvest Fellowship believes in the sacred value of their lives and all human life from conception to the grave. 

We are taught by Scripture that human beings are unique among the rest of creation and set apart as those beings which bear the divine image. From the beginning of life to the end, all human beings, both male and female--of all ethnicities, colors, and ages--are sacred beings that God values and loves.

We know that throughout Scripture, God shows particular care for the vulnerable, and He commands authorities to be characterized by justice and righteousness. Nations are accountable and judged for how they treat the marginalized and least powerful in their societies. 

We recognize the pervasiveness of sin, and we denounce any view of racial superiority. We pray for both justice and peace in our nation and do not condone any acts of violence or destruction. 

We repent of the ways that we as Christians have far too often failed to adequately stand against the evil of racism and violence. We desire to grow in our understanding and knowledge surrounding these events and to understand the historical realities which have contributed to the inequality and injustice found in our society. 

We confess that something needs to change and we are committed to being part of that change in the long run as we learn and pray on how best to do that. We call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy, help, and healing for our country.

We know that Global Harvest Fellowship cannot do all that must be done, but we can do our part and are committed to making changes. We will be vocal in our condemnation of evil, in all its forms. We will do our part to care and value others from all backgrounds, to bear one another burdens, to be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, seeking justice, mercy, and righteousness. 

In all of this, we pray and hope in Jesus, the Prince of Peace who suffered and died at the hands of both a mob and the Roman government, but who ultimately conquered evil and death itself. We long for the day when his justice will roll down like the waters and when his people, a people from every nation, tribe, and language will be joined together praising the Lamb of God. Until that day comes, we are committed to furthering the Kingdom of God here on earth. 

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